Every year, the LVDC hosts a yearlong tags challenge. The idea is simple. You buy a tag, and then defend your tag. Of course, we have a bunch of details to throw in so you actually know what’s going on and how to get a tag.

Tags can be purchased for $15 and can be bought at the following places:

  • Tags matches
  • Doubles Nights
  • Local Tournaments

Please note that these are all subject to availability. For the most up to date information regarding when tags are available for purchase, check on this page.


Sunday Tag Matches

Every Sunday at 11AM, the LVDC gets together for a tags round. We alternate courses in a specific order listed below. The attached PDF below has the 2015 tags schedule. All rounds are free to play and open to anyone with an LVDC tag. We do offer the option of a $1.00 ace pot for the round. It’s a really great time to come out, have fun, and play in a competitive setting without all the nerves.

Weekly Rotation


South Mountain

Wehr’s Dam

LVDC 2015 Tag Schedule Til July