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Posted by 3dd13 on 9/17/08 7:21 (277 reads)

It is that time again. The beginning of next year will be an election year for officer positions within LVDC. All four spots are up for election. If you are interested in running, please speak with one of the current officers to get an understanding of what the duties entail. Some officers will be running again for their office, or they may go for another one.

We will let you know when it is time for nominations and who you should send them to.

Current Officers:
President - Jason Davis
Vice President - Ray Rman Rogers
Treasurer - Robin Billig
Secretary - Marci Borger

Posted by 3dd13 on 5/27/08 18:51 (612 reads)

Some of you may of already heard or seen the progress. Jordan Creek is in the middle of installing concrete teepads on all 18 holes. As of right now, all the holes have the old pads ripped up and the frames in place for the concrete. Holes 1 through 6 are complete and are a huge improvement from before.

If you happen to play at Jordan, please stay out of the prepared areas. We ask that you either throw from the side of the frames, or take the opportunity to add a few feet to your throw and toss from the front of the frames.

These pads will be a nice touch to the LVDC's first PDGA event since hosting Worlds 2005.

They poured 6 more tees yesterday, so to date holes:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, & 15 are poured.
I'm hoping they finish up next week sometime, then somesort of tee markings will be installed this summer.

Posted by 3dd13 on 7/4/07 13:20 (716 reads)

Here is the listed prizes that will be given between rounds for the CTB (Tee 14 to Basket 18).

*Closest to Basket wins:
--RIPT Card Game
--Ontario ROC Disc
--$10 Gift Certificate to Marshall Street
--$20 O'Malleys Gift Certificate
--Choice of either 2 Double Disc Court discs or a $10 Gift Certificate to Marshall Street

*Closest to Alternate Target wins:
--Either Choice of either 2 Double Disc Court discs or a $10 Gift Certificate to Marshall Street (which ever the main winner doesn't choose)

*Randomly picked first 100 members of LVDC website wins:
--RIPT Card Game (person must be at Sportsfest Singles competition and be registered for CTB)

If other prizes come up before the event then they will be added to a package or another alternate closest to target will be made.

Posted by 3dd13 on 5/7/07 19:27 (728 reads)

Sportsfest 2007 is just around the corner. The website of LVDC is planning on doing a special CTB between rounds of the singles event for all registered LVDC users with at least 5 valid posts under their belt. Deadline is June 1st to get your worthwhile posts in. Special emails will be sent out to all those who qualify. These emails will need to be brought to registration the day of the event. More details will be included in the email itself.

The prizes? It is unknown right now but looks to be a plethora of stuff. If anyone would like to donate some cash or prizes (gift certificates to places you work etc), please contact me at or you can just private message me on the site.

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Headlines : 2007 LVDC Election Results and your officers are...
Posted by 3dd13 on 4/12/07 18:27 (631 reads)

Here is the total of the votes received to the as well as Congratulations.

President: Jason Davis (14 Votes) beats out Write In (0 votes)
Vice President: Ray Rogers (14 Votes) beats out Write In Jamey King (1 vote)
Secretary: Marci Borger (9 votes) beats out Jamey King (6 votes)
Treasurer: Robin Billig (11 votes) beats out Brian Frederick (4 votes)

*If anyone is wondering why a vote is missing in the presidential race, one person failed to vote for a president.

Here's to a good year for LVDC.


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