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Posted by 3dd13 on 9/8/07 15:34 (798 reads)

If there is any other disc golf clubs or disc golf related websites looking for fair priced web hosting, look no further. We can host your disc golf related sites starting at $40 for the year. This would included 100Mb of space with 100 email accounts and more features.

This is a good chance to get away from any Yahoo groups or other free hosting sites that throw up a ton of pop up ads or even Google ads where your club or organization doesn't even benefit from the clicking.

Need more that 100Mb? That is easily arranged. Email me if interested at .

Remember, this is for disc golf related sites only. We will host other websites but 100Mb will go for $60 a year which is still a great deal.

Site Updates : Moving To A New Server - UPDATE
Posted by 3dd13 on 3/18/07 13:40 (495 reads)

UPDATE: Server migration is complete. Some posts over the last week have been posted to the old server and did not mirror over. I have those posts and will be moving those over as well or at least recapping them. I apologize for the inconvenience. The move was needed to obtain more server control by myself as well as more disk space.

Some time this month I will be moving the LVDC website along with a dozen of my other sites to a different web server. It's quite a pain but hopefully in the long run its highly beneficial. So don't be alarmed if you see a brief outage here and there. However, to make up for any inconvenience, I have a bunch of old LVDC documents, newsletters, and newspaper articles which will be added to the site. Oh yea, that includes the rest of the Ice Bowl 2007 photos and a few other photos.

*Remember clicking those Google Ads helps me cover the cost of the website as well as special LVDC website prizes for tournaments.


Site Updates : LVDiscGolf.org now has 100 members!
Posted by 3dd13 on 2/2/07 13:12 (320 reads)

We have hit a web site milestone! I mentioned earlier that someone from the first 100 users will win a prize and I am still working on that. I was going to do a drawing but that could be deemed bias if one of my friends win. So, I'm leaning towards a special prize at one of the LVDC's bigger events this year just for those 100 people.

I'm leaning towards something like a special Closest to the Pin at say Sportsfest singles. Where an email will be sent to all the 100 original members with at least one post on our message boards. Those emails will need to be printed and brought to the specified event for confirmation. I'm still working on it.

The prizes will come from my donation. The Google Ads on top of the site help generate a few dollars to help me cover the cost of hosting the site. The Firefox one generates the most pennies for me. (Hint hint) So far, I was able to buy those Skyland DVDs for the Ice Bowl.

Any suggestions or anyone who wants to kick in some prizes is more than welcome to. Just hit me up the next time you see me.

Also, the website was just shy of 800 unique visitors for the month of Januarary. So far that is our best month by far.


Site Updates : 69 Members and Growing For LVDiscGolf.org
Posted by 3dd13 on 10/17/06 10:06 (427 reads)

LVDC just got their 69th registered member for the new site. Congrats to user Prfctgreen for being good old number 69. Of course alot of our registered users have yet to make a single post but I'm sure they use the site to download scorecards, check event results, and see when the next doubles event is taking place. I think we will make a little incentive for members to make an attempt to join in and post on our message boards and to celebrate the first 100 members. Once we get 100 members, a random user who has post activity on the site AND updated profile information of at least actual or known name will be chosen for a prize. What that prize will be? Unknown at this time. I'll figure something out, I've got 31 members to go before I pick something out.

Remember, keep checking back for updates on this and everything else on the website.


Site Updates : Blank Scorecard Added
Posted by 3dd13 on 8/13/06 8:51 (476 reads)

Over the past few months, scorecards have been added and updated on the site. A new scorecard has been added today. This is a blank scorecard for your use when travelling to areas outside of our backyard. You never know if a course will have scorecards available for you. This scorecard has a place to write the course, date, weather, pars, and distances.

As always, you know to respect all courses and keep them clean.

You can find the blank scorecard by clicking here. Enjoy!


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