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Headlines : PADA Experiences A Great Loss
Posted by 3dd13 on 7/28/06 11:36 (333 reads)

I'm unaware if anyone in the area has any affiliation or has played with PADA (philadelphia area disc alliance), but they have recently lost one of their members to a car accident. Ben Chorney (1979-2006) has passed on Wednesday morning and is survived by his wife Emily and infant daughter Gwendolyn.

Click here for information on this weekend's services.


Headlines : LVDC Has Some Luck at Hickory Run Soltstice
Posted by 3dd13 on 6/26/06 10:22 (382 reads)

This past Saturday was a perfect day for a disc tournament. The rain held off and the sun wasn't beating down on us. It was a little muggy, but I'd take the humidity over windy conditions any day. The Bearclaws put on a great event for the 30+ people who took a chance on the weather. There was great prizes to be won by all, even a couple of them went home with some LVDC faces.

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Site Updates : Tourney Results Are Downloadable
Posted by 3dd13 on 6/18/06 14:14 (379 reads)

You can now download a spreadsheet for LVDC events right here. Just click right here. So far the results for this year's Ice Bowl, February, and March AMMOs. If anyone can not view .xls files through Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet application please email me at . Other results will be posted once they are made available.


Site Updates : User Issues Registering with @aol.com Addresses
Posted by 3dd13 on 6/8/06 8:24 (396 reads)

It has come to my attention that users registering on the site with an aol.com address are not receiving the final step to complete registration. If you do or did register with an aol.com address please send an email to and I will manually push your registration through. I am working on the issue so this is not a constant burden. What can I say, AOL mail servers are a huge pain in the ass.

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Site Updates : LVDC Events Calendar
Posted by 3dd13 on 5/25/06 12:40 (326 reads)

You can use the calendar link on this site to view upcoming events. You can also add events. They of course will need to be approved before they appear live on the web site. There is also a .ics file on the site so you can import the calendar to an application on your computer. (I'm still working on something that will convert the sites calendar into this .ics file which will then update the info on your computers.)

Calendar Link to iCalShare.com

Need a Calendar App?

These applications work with iCalShare:

Macintosh: iCal, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, Zimbra

Windows: Microsoft Works, WinDates, EventSherpa, Sunbird, Zimbra

Linux: Evolution, KOrganizer, Kronolith, Sunbird, Zimbra


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