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  •  bpg135
OB at LP
Practice Hole
Joined: 9/5/08
Posts: 8
I'm curious about OB for tournament play at Lehigh Parkway...the map doesn't show much in this regard. What requires a drop and which can you take where they lie?

For instance, hole 1. Must you go to either the right or left of the tree? What about landing in the rough towards the right (not to the right of the water)?

hole 2 can you go right over the river and hook back to the left (i've seen it happen!)?

3 do you have to go on a specific side of the trees...what if you are across the pavement left of the pin?

6 if you land in the rough near the river on drive or second throw?

8 must you go through/around specific trees to get to the pin?

10 if you land in woods to left or bush to right?

11 can you go over the street and hook back to the right? (instinct tells me landing in the street is def. OB)

17 in the woods to the left.

Thinking of doing the sportsfest thing...need to start worrying about technicalities.

What about stepping out the front of the teeboxes?

Are "refs" walking along at sportsfest, or is whoever you are paired with the enforcer?
Posted on: 5/14/09 23:25
  •  rb12024
Re: OB at LP
Joined: 6/10/06
Posts: 198
Ob at the parkway

All roads, paths, water and across are ob with 2 exceptions
Hole 6 where you throw across the water to get to the basket and
Hole 13 where you throw across the road to get to the basket
Holes 1 & 6 the tall grass is ob. If you land in it off the tee you play from the drop zone. Other ob shots after the tee is played from the last place it was inbounds. You may go across the tee box on a drive as long as you have released the disc while in tee box
There aren't any mandos on the course meaning you can throw around whatever tree you like
All ob shots are a 1 stroke penalty
There will be refs lurking, as a matter of fact there was one there last nite
Posted on: 5/15/09 5:43
  •  bpg135
Re: OB at LP
Practice Hole
Joined: 9/5/08
Posts: 8
Well shucks.

If the disc flies over OB territory but lands inbounds, is that ok? (or is that what "across" means in the above post?)
Posted on: 5/15/09 12:39
  •  TheLung
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Re: OB at LP
Too Much Time Away From Course
Joined: 7/11/07
From Many throws less than Gunkel
Posts: 264

You can throw to the right and over the river on hole#2 as long as your disc does not come to rest in the river or across the other side, which are OB.

Same for other OB areas on the course such as the high grass on hole #1 & hole #6, paths, roads, etc. You may use the "airspace" above them, but they just cannot be the final resting place for the disc.

FYI, you can download the official PDGA rules of play here: http://www.pdga.com/rules/

I think it's prudent to ask people not to throw out over the street on holes #11 and #12. I think if there were too many incidents with cars, or discs ending up in neighbors' yards or driveways, both of which have the potential to result in complaints to the parks department, that the holes could run the risk of being pulled or re-located.

My $.02
Posted on: 5/15/09 12:50
  •  rb12024
Re: OB at LP
Joined: 6/10/06
Posts: 198
And across means
The creek and paths and roads are ob and across the water and paths and roads is ob. With 2 exceptions, holes 6 & 13 where you have to throw over the water and road to reach the hole

You're allowed to throw over ob areas to get to your desired location, but if you go out of bounds your next throw is from where your disc was last inbounds
So for instance, if you throw over the water on hole 2 and you disc lands in the water you'd be throwing your 3rd shot a couple feet from the tee
If you threw over the water and your disc hits the rocks by the basket and then goes in the water you would play you 3rd shot from the rocks by the basket
Posted on: 5/15/09 15:21
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