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  sportsfest brackets - WTF?

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  •  rb12024
Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Joined: 6/10/06
Posts: 219
what is your issue with doubles and the crazy shots the pros make
your not playing against them

thats part of the experience, seeing shots the pros make
thats what makes me practice, I wanna be like mike

again this is the first time i have seen these 4 guys and i have run a tourney once a month for the past 9 years and i travel to quite a few others.

How were they supposed to move to the next bracket if they had never played in a tourney before?

Go out and practice those those crazy shots the pros were making and you might be the ones someone else is complaining about
next year
Posted on: 7/20/09 17:12
  •  monkeybone
Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Practice Hole
Joined: 5/31/09
Posts: 7
Dont have a prob with the pros-- was admiring their shots not bashing them........

I wasnt posting about pros
Posted on: 7/20/09 17:33
  •  mike
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Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Front Nine
Joined: 6/2/06
From Jim Thorpe
Posts: 31
I've been called the proverbial bagger....and I've also been told to move back down. You need to play where you feel comfortable.

I think just about everyone's first tournament experience is full of highs and lows....and quite often there is overwhelming disappointment at the end of the day. We all look back and say...i should have did this...how could have I missed that 10 ft putt....it's truly a humbling experience.

One thing that i've learn...and tell others is.....you can throw like Climo...Putt like Doss....but at the end of the day...it's the game in your head that really gives the most trouble.

Stay positive and keep a positive attitude and you'll appreciate the sport much more! The LVDC guys do put on a boatload of tournaments....and they keep their courses impeccable. And they'll appreciate it more seeing you on the course! And you'll continue to learn while being out there.

Happy Discin'

Posted on: 7/20/09 22:51
  •  Bob_Ziadie
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Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Just can't stay away
Joined: 5/26/06
From Mountain Top, Pa.
Posts: 102

Guys who have never played a tournament before really have nothing to compare their skill level to. Sometimes those people just happen to play the games of their lives on that day and the scores are better than expected.

With all the events, including monthly AMMO's, in the LVDC, those players will now be able to see how they fare against others.

I saw those doubles scores too and was like, whoa. But when Robin quickly explained they had never played an event before, that quickly put things in perspective in my eyes.

The bottom line is it was a fun day, you got to play and watch some good disc golf, and hopefully learned something about your game that will help you improve.

To say I am not playing in an event again because I was beat by someone who played better than me on that day is pretty lame, especially if you are a newbie. Go out and play the game, have fun, and try to get better. Every one of us started from square one.

By the way Robin, thanks again for running what is always a great event!!!!
Nice Up? Are you Serious?
Posted on: 7/21/09 13:42
  •  steadyhebs
Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Practice Hole
Joined: 7/21/09
Posts: 1
Yes, Sterner and I (Toothsome) had an unbelievable first round of doubles. We made a bunch of long putts that we don't normally make (a 40 and 75 footer), and were really excited about our score of 54 for the first round, especially for our first tournament.

That being said, we had very little idea of what level to play, as it has been previously stated by others. I am new to this sport just as most of the novice players were. I don't think its valid to call us 'baggers' because of our score. I've never played in that kind of environment or with the rules being enforced so strongly (as they should be). The last thing I want to do is have people get so discouraged that they will stop playing tournaments because of our round. I have every intention of moving up to Ams now that I have a tournament under my belt.

Anyways, the tournament was a great experience. Thanks a ton Robin and LVDC for all of the work you've done in the valley to keep the courses at a high level. Thank you also for the understanding of the situation.
Posted on: 7/21/09 15:03
  •  Sterner
Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Practice Hole
Joined: 7/21/09
Posts: 5
I can only echo what Hebs said in saying that we played some pretty solid disc golf. We were really unsure of where to place ourselves, and I am glad to hear that people realized we weren't baggers.

Overall, I had a blast playing both days, not because we played well, but mostly because I got to play with some fresh faces and experience the tourney atmosphere. Hell, I even really enjoyed watching different putting styles during the warm up stages because that isn't something I get to see.

Again, thanks to Robin and the LVDC for hosting the tourney and maintaining all the awesome LV courses that got me into the game.
Posted on: 7/21/09 15:51
  •  BrianGunkel
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Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Too Much Time Away From Course
Joined: 5/21/06
Posts: 356
Were you the guys with the hot girlfriend out there?
Posted on: 7/21/09 16:57
  •  monkeybone
Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Practice Hole
Joined: 5/31/09
Posts: 7
there were a few hot disc golf chicks there.
please keep this trend up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: 7/21/09 22:05
  •  Sterner
Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Practice Hole
Joined: 7/21/09
Posts: 5
Ha. Yeah. She started playing a little bit after me because she had some discouraging heavily-wooded course experiences (Yetter Park in East Stroudsburg, mainly). She's been playing competitive mixed ultimate with me for years though, so she's pretty money with a disc.
Posted on: 7/21/09 22:11
  •  3dd13
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Re: sportsfest brackets - WTF?
Joined: 5/12/06
From South Allentown
Posts: 553

BrianGunkel wrote:
Were you the guys with the hot girlfriend out there?

Leave it up to Gunk.

Every tourney has its issue. Baggers will always be there, may it be legit or may it be that lucky golden day in the sun where you just can't miss. Let alone doubles, all you need is for one person to be on for each shot. All it takes is one win and they'll move up.

Now if singles Nov shot a 54, then thats a whole different ball of wax. Unless he followed it up with a 70.

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Posted on: 7/22/09 6:35
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