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   Jordan Park
  Jordan Creek Park Closed, Sat 4/25/09

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  •  j_davisc
Jordan Creek Park Closed, Sat 4/25/09
Joined: 5/22/06
From Citizen's Bank Park
Posts: 621
I just got a call from Lehigh County Parks that the Jordan Creek Park including the disc golf course will be closed to the public this Saturday, April 25th, 2009 for a County Function.

Please make a note of it, and check out Parkway or Knocky instead.

Thank you for your co-operation in advance.

Harry Kalas, you will be missed. 1936 - 2009
Posted on: 4/22/09 12:51
  •  bpg135
Re: Jordan Creek Park Closed, Sat 4/25/09
Practice Hole
Joined: 9/5/08
Posts: 4
You're a pranskter!!

You even put signs up at the course to try and fool people who didn't believe this post!

Was this "county function" canceled or did you just want the whole course to yourself?!?!

Posted on: 4/25/09 15:09
  •  raphbussy
Re: Jordan Creek Park Closed, Sat 4/25/09
Back Nine
Joined: 6/1/06
Posts: 67
he did not he was working all day at Nocky for the ammo tomorow, you can thanks him and the bunch of guys(Brian, Sherryl, kevin, Anthony, Fred and his kids,R-Man, Robin, and those I forgot...) that was there to help put the 4 hole back on to make it 18 holes again....
Posted on: 4/25/09 18:23
  •  rb12024
Re: Jordan Creek Park Closed, Sat 4/25/09
Joined: 6/10/06
Posts: 185
nice spelling on prankster

ever consider the parks put up the signs?

since the park was closed I went to knocky and helped put the missing 4 holes back in
Posted on: 4/25/09 20:17
  •  bpg135
Re: Jordan Creek Park Closed, Sat 4/25/09
Practice Hole
Joined: 9/5/08
Posts: 4
Hey...chill out... means I was joking! Why the generalized hostility?

Anyway, the point is there were signs all over the place and a post on this board, but the park was definitely not closed..I played all 18 holes and so were other groups.

Just wanted to know what was going on, and I thought this would be the place to find out (while trying to inject a little humor)...Was I mistaken?
Posted on: 4/28/09 18:21
  •  dscmn
Re: Jordan Creek Park Closed, Sat 4/25/09
Too Much Time Away From Course
Joined: 6/1/06
Posts: 246
i thought it was funny.
Posted on: 4/28/09 19:34
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