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Too Much Time Away From Course
Joined: 7/11/07
From Many throws less than Gunkel
Posts: 220
So as not to further hijack the Unami Creek Park thread, I thought I would create a separate thread to discuss DGcoursereview.com (and adlacro's posts there.)

Andrew, as we discussed in person at the Conrad Weiser Invitational, I think your reviews are indeed getting better. However, I'm seriously at a loss on why you would think it would be a good idea to travel down to play the new pro-caliber course at Iron Hill park in Newark, DE. This is a championship caliber course with pro par four and pro par five holes where 1000-rated players struggle to break 70! While you reference your ability in your review, I think you should give serious thought to how your ability plays in to your feelings about a course. The course is brand new, (baskets in the ground not even 6 months) very rough, especially off the fairways, and while signage could be improved, your 2 1/2 rating of the course is a crime. Furthermore, with the 18th hole finishing less than 100 yards from the parking lot, and with the entire course surrounded by a park road, I'm not quite sure how *anyone* could get lost for 1 1/2 hours trying to find his car. That may be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.

FYI, I had some correspondance earlier this year with Tim G who built the dgcoursreview.com website. And based on my feedback to him as well as that from others, he has added many features to the site. Some examples include years playing and # of reviews listed for each reviewer. Furthermore, reviews can be marked as helpful or not and sorted based on this criteria. Lastly, there is a "trusted reviewer" program which shows a special icon next to your name if a lot of people find your reviews helpful. The bulleted list that pops up above the course review form with some tips on what makes a good review is another of his attempts at encouraging quality.

If I were you, I would look at your feedback rating, these tips, and the reviews of others and seriously consider what goes into the making of helpful reviews on DGcoursereview.com.

Best regards,
Posted on: 11/5/08 11:07
  •  adlacro
Re: DGcoursereview.com
Just can't stay away
Joined: 3/8/07
From Broken Disc, PA
Posts: 110
Okay. I'll take it into consideration.
The seven words you can say in disc golf!
Posted on: 11/5/08 13:30
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