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  •  benji
Front Nine
Joined: 1/20/08
From Sellersville, PA
Posts: 27
I ran into these same people on the Monday after the pins were installed. I just threw right at 'em...doesn't that take strokes off your score?..j/k
Posted on: 9/14/08 4:24
  •  radmanc
Front Nine
Joined: 6/27/07
Posts: 20
Made it to UCP yesterday and had the most traumatic disc golf experience of my life. First of all, the course IS great. I say we had a traumatic experience because I lost one of my favorite discs, we were attacked by bees (I was stung twice, my friend 5 times) and one of us fell into the creek trying to retrieve a disc on #4. After all that, I was waiting for some kid to pop up from behind a rock to start shooting us with paint balls. We dried out, the stings stopped hurting, but I could not retrieve my disc. Oh well. From now on I will bring a "throw away" disc for #4.
As far as the shady happenings at the park, it would be hypocritical of me to complain about people using the park for illegal or immoral antics because I used to be (and kinda still am) one of those people. However, it did feel like the neighbors were watching our every move in the parking lot. I hope they don't get all NIMBY on us.
Posted on: 9/14/08 10:18
  •  radmanc
Front Nine
Joined: 6/27/07
Posts: 20
I guess I should have said that there is an underground beehive about 2/3 the way up hole #7 on the left, where it starts to curve right. I didn't actually land there, my friends dog picked up my disc and dropped it on top of the hive.
Posted on: 9/15/08 7:11
  •  FredR
Back Nine
Joined: 1/14/08
From Green Lane
Posts: 65
I will try to get out there to spray the bees. If you guys find more bees like that let me know and I will do my best to get ird of them. There is also a nest on #3 on the right by all of the briars and crap. Its near the metal pole about 225' from the tee box.

As for the paintballers. Please just call the cops if you see them out there again. I warned them on saturday that they are not supposed to be in the park shooting paintballs. They looked at me like I had three heads, but agreed, said sorry then walked away. This was on #4. Then the little bastards decided to lightup the basket on #4 while I was on the tee box waiting for them to move. Its personal now you little pricks.
Posted on: 9/15/08 7:19
  •  3dd13
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Joined: 5/12/06
From South Allentown
Posts: 505
UCP location added to the LV Course map.

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Posted on: 9/15/08 8:44
  •  adlacro
Just can't stay away
Joined: 3/8/07
From Broken Disc, PA
Posts: 100
Fortunately, I found no bees today on my first trip to the course. Although the temperature dropped to about 50 last night, I'd still be aware. Fred, the course is absoultely fantastic! I loved it! I didn't shoot all that well, but the course is pristine! The creek shot on 4 is probably one of the toughest water holes I've ever played. As long as you don't hit the deep part of the water, chances are high that you'll get your plastic back. On my attempt at a second round, I lost two discs on number 2. After about 40 minutes, I found them both. I love the elevated basket on hole number 8. That will make for challenging putts with a steep penalty for overthrows. Great job in designing the best 9 holer in the Lehigh Valley! -Andrew L.

(Check out my review of this course at dgcoursereview.com)
The seven words you can say in disc golf!
Posted on: 9/16/08 11:16
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