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Re: Jordan Park AMMO 5/31

Subject: Re: Jordan Park AMMO 5/31
by BrianGunkel on 5/21/09 20:04

You dont need to be a pdga member to play . you can play in the regular am division or the rec ( novice division ) Am div cost is 20 bucks and you get a disc with your entry fee. Novice div is 15 bucks and you still get a disc with that entry fee. You can also play in pro and the cost for that is 20 bucks but you dont get a disc. The ammo will start at 10 am so get there around 9:30 to sign up and get a little practice in. You can make a request to play in the same group as your friends but it is not guaranteed that will happen . Last minute the cards may get shuffled around a bit. It is a good thing to play with guys you dont know so that you meet others that are playing the game.

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