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Re: That's my team....that's my quarterback

Subject: Re: That's my team....that's my quarterback
by eric_dmb on 12/30/08 13:08


BrianGunkel wrote:
The eagles did not get lucky. The eagles totally hammered the cowboys. The vikings barely beat a giants teams that was playing their scrubs last week. Eagles will do a good job against adrian peterson and beat the vikings, and what does "mine as well" mean ?

The Vikings held the Giants starters to ZERO touchdowns in the first half and took a 10-9 lead to the locker room at halftime!

And the other half of the Williams Wall will be back for Sunday's game!

Gunkel, you know I am a Vikings fan and you know I want them to win - but I would not put money on EITHER of these teams! Nobody knows what team is going to show up!
You just don’t know which Vikings team or which Eagles team is going to show up. If AP shows up and does not drop the ball, no way are they beating us! If the Eagles team that tied the Bengles shows up, no way are they beating us! BUT, if the Eagles team that has showed up in recent weeks shows, we are in trouble. If T-Jack plays like he did to start the year, we are in trouble!

I think it is a 50/50 prediction on the winner of this game – I think both could win it and I think both could blow it!

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