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Re: Disc Golf Marathon

Subject: Re: Disc Golf Marathon
by DGMtv on 4/22/09 10:56

Not all day, just at the end. It took awhile for this day to come to an end..........

My day began at 4am where I met up with Cubby and we drove up to the Rivers Edge Disc Golf Course in Shawnee on Delaware, PA and played the 9 hole course, we began throwing at about 6:45am.
From there we moved onto Yetter Park Disc Golf Course in East Stroudsburg, PA. It was a beutiful 18 hole course that was very well layed out. The walking paths were a nice touch.
We moved onto Hickory Run DGC I've never played there, though I'd been there once covering their 08' Ice Bowl Tournament.
After that we moved onto Francis E. Walter Dam DGC it was a good time, throwing over the pines was fun. Sometimes it was the only was to get good distance on you 1st drive.
After that we found our way into the Lehigh Valley playing at Hacketts Park The open holes were fun, I had a lot of heartbreaker aproach shots that blew past the basket on the holes like 13 where I had to aproach from up high. After that we played at South Mountain there were no skip aces for Cubby here with all the rocks guarding the pin. We ended the day at DeSales University on the last two holes the rain caught up with us and it got dark . Rather than let mother nature rain on our parade and I had on clothing that was light rain proof, Cubby grabed some of his lighted discs from Blackjack sports and we threw them on holes 1 thru 7 (skipping the wooded holes) and 13, after 13 we had to give up, Cubby was soaked having no protection from the rain and my light rainproof gear was getting there. We called it a day at 9:30pm
It was a long day

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