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Re: Pre-Hibernation Doubles-Dec. 6 at Hickory Run

Subject: Re: Pre-Hibernation Doubles-Dec. 6 at Hickory Run
by Bob_Ziadie on 12/2/08 15:09

Gunk, post on our site, you may find someone there.....

Solty and I have finalized the tournament layout.

With the construction work in the open field area down by the beach area, we have to stay away from there this year. Last year we had two alternate holes, one over 600 feet and the other 1,000 feet, so without them we should be pretty good with daylight.

We will play the existing course as it is with no extra holes, 19 holes, Par-57. However, we have some mandos and O.B. to speak of.

O.B. - We will have the usual O.B. on the 3A and 3B creek holes. We are also adding O.B. on holes 8, 9, and 10.

With 8 being especially short and that new paved walking path just a few feet behind the basket, that paved walkway will be O.B. So you are now gonna have to display a combination of touch and Nads to get that deuce. If both players go long over the road, there is going to be a drop zone. On hole 9, the paved walkway at left will also be OB. Just the pavement that runs along the gravel road on the left. The gravel road behind the basket will NOT be O.B. If both players from your team go O.B. on any of those holes you will get a one-stroke penalty. For any novices reading this, BOTH players have to go O.B. for your team to be penalized. If one player is in bounds and the other out of bounds, you are safe. Remember, this is "Better Shot" Doubles.

On hole 10, I seriously doubt anyone will go over the main park road as it is may be 30 feet to the road, but if both players somehow do, you deserve the penalty stroke. Maybe two just on principle

On to Mandos.......... We will have the normal mandos on holes 2, 16, and 18. Holes 2 and 18 will be double mandos marked with orange construction tape. We are adding double mandos on holes 13 and 15. We have used a double mando on 13 before but never on 15. This short hole of 165 feet will have two trees on each side of the fairway marked with orange tape and you have to get by both of them to stay in bounds. You miss the mando on any of the holes and you throw from a drop zone with a one-stroke penalty.

Also, we will be playing hole 14 from the long tee box.

Closest to the Pin will be on the following holes and will ne all-day CTPs. Open will be hole 6; amatuer will be hole 1, and women will be hole 7. If there are mixed gender teams, the women's CTP will of course be hole 7 while the men's will be hole 1 for amatuer and hole 6 for Open (should there be mixed open teams).

Remember the best team name contest....come creative!!!

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