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Re: Scoring

Subject: Re: Scoring
by rb12024 on 9/27/08 14:26

from what I have read the player, who may or may not have taken 10 strokes to complete the hole, replied 7 seven when asked what his score was. the scorekeeper then wrote down 7.

i don't believe the player in question was keeping score as jason is alluding to.

the problem was the group did not question the validity of the players score, even though it seemed they did not believe it, and the player received a 7 on the hole.

its the groups responsibility to verify the players score, i.e.
help them with their selective memory and go over the hole shot by shot.

this apparently happened more than once, SO, if the player was questioned in the first instance the problem would have probably ended right there

players are often questioned about their scores not only in a sanctioned event, but tag rounds and the $5 side bet casual rounds as well.

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