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Re: Scoring

Subject: Re: Scoring
by rb12024 on 9/26/08 16:28

the reference to the pro master at worlds has no relevance to this matter but since you brought it up,

as a spotter, would you not be visible to the group and assist them in locating their discs AND pointing out to the group whether they were in or out of bounds.

I also find it hard to believe the group would walk past an away player to start with, and not check to see his disc was inbounds or help him locate it

the point is all players in the group are responsible for the correct score being recorded for each player on the hole.

if you feel a player says the wrong score try to straighten the matter out

this is not only the rule, but common sense

obviously if nothing is said and a player is untruthful they'll probably try it again

you'll be surprised how quickly a players math will improve if the other players in the group are keeping track of his shots

again, if there are any problems during play, talk to the tournament director

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