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Re: Scoring

Subject: Re: Scoring
by BrianGunkel on 9/26/08 12:20

according to 3 different sources this player whom you may or may not be referring to did this on quite a few holes in the rec division at fools in the creek. the problem is that most players in the rec division dont know the rules but i cant see someone screwing up simple math over and over on the same day. When you get a 10 and you say you got a 7 or you get a 5 and say a 4 or get a 4 and say 3 clearly you are trying to get an edge over the competition. Now clearly i was not there so all i can do is go by what 3 others that were there said what was happening. I can understand how no rec players that saw this said anything at the time because when i talk to them about stuff like this they dont know the rules and how to go about clarifying the matter. It's just one of those things that happens everytime. There is alot more cheating going on than 1 would think as i have witnessed a bunch over the years as i discussed on that bearclaws thread you might be referring to. As a spotter for pro worlds in 2005 i witnessed blatant cheating in the pro masters division where someone threw out of bounds in the weeds and then looked around and waited for the other 3 guys to go past him , then pick up his disc and toss it in bounds and then throw without penalty from that spot. That golfer whom most of us would know by name never saw me standing there in the bushes watching.

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