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Subject: Scoring
by rb12024 on 9/25/08 17:41

scoring during play

a scorekeeper asks each player for their score, the scorekeeper repeats the score the player told him and writes it down.

if you don't beleive the player had that particular score on the hole it is your right and your duty to question him about that score.

not only keep track of your score on the hole, pay attention to the other players in the group

help them with their math when the holes over by saying are you sure that was your score and go shot by shot.
hopefully there math will improve as the round goes on

this happens more often than you may think, even in the pro divisions

a player is not cheating simply because they say the wrong score.
this is why the scores shall be called out aloud for everyone to here, so in case there is an error, it can be corrected

anytime there is a problem let your tournament director know and let them take care of it. (thats why there getting paid the big bucks)

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