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Re: Blue Mt Aug 8

Subject: Re: Blue Mt Aug 8
by TheLung on 8/5/09 13:59

As someone who has played ski resort courses in Flagstaff Arizona and Sugarbush Vermont, I highly recommend that you bring disc golf discs which you don't care about losing. I played at the Snowbowl course in Pro Worlds 2003 and was the scoring director at the Sugarbush Open in 2007 and the Green Mountain Open in 2008 and saw highly skilled 1000+ rated players throw drives that disappeared hundreds of feet off the fairway and were practically irretrievable. Gravity is a funny thing, and while I haven't seen the Blue Mountain course yet, I'm still planning on bringing discs which I don't care about losing. Personally I'd rather play a couple of rounds of disc golf and then drink a few beers, then waste my time searching for discs in the ridiculously heavy woods which lies off the ski trails.

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