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Re: French Creek status?

Subject: Re: French Creek status?
by TheLung on 10/14/08 10:27

Thanks for the update, Tim!

For the record, I thought the course was eminently playable when I was there even back in July. The fairways are definitely there and the lanes are quite appropriate. The course is certainly there for people to play if they can negotiate their way through it.

Really, this is the only issue with the course - signage, and being able to find your way around. The tees are basically unmarked and tough to find, and the lion's share of the baskets are all misnumbered. It was kind of like a treasure hunt trying to figure it out (luckily I had my wife along to assist in the endeavor)

If all the tees could be marked with even a rudimentary tee number sign (like they had at Jordan a few years ago) and all the baskets numbered properly, I think the course would explode in popularity. As you've surely seen over the years at various courses, all it takes is people using the course and the "roughness" dissolves away quite readily. Course maps at the first tee (and one posted online here) would also go a long way.

Thanks to all who are contributing to this course. Again, when the course is finished it is going to be one of the toughest and very best courses in Pennsylvania, which is really saying something considering the number of world class courses we already have.

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