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Re: French Creek status?

Subject: Re: French Creek status?
by Tim14506 on 8/13/08 21:35

If anyone is interested, all of the gold pins are in the ground. It is by no means done, there is no map, the baskets aren't numbered correctly, the tees aren't in, there are no signs, and the lanes still need clearing but if you're adventurous and have a sherpa they can all be played. The first 7 are the most dirty but can be played, the only exception is hole number 3 but we've been cutting that one in half to avoid lost bees and to save 30 minutes. If anyone wants to know more PM me, I may be available for guided tours or at least be able to get you started if you were brave enough to give it a try. Count on about 3 hours for a threesome and close to 4 hours with a foursome.

Par is somewhere around 63 and that's with a shortened 3rd hole, otherwise it's maybe 65, as we play it there are at least three legit par 4's one par 4.5, as it plays now it's closer to par 5 (hole 3 from the regular tee will be another par 5 it's a par 3.5 now) two ace runs and maybe 7 or 8 par 3.5's. I think they are good tweeners where anything from a 2 to a 6 is possible, 2's are tough but possible and you earn them. 3 feels good but 4's aren't horrible as long as you don't 4 them all. I think 60 is close to scratch golf but that is only a guess.

It is tough, it is overgrown and tight at spots, it is still very raw and needs work, lots of work. If you are going to try it be prepared and use spotters if you have the guys. My best advice is to stay in the fairway. It's just that easy....

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