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Re: OB at LP

Subject: Re: OB at LP
by rb12024 on 5/15/09 5:43

Ob at the parkway

All roads, paths, water and across are ob with 2 exceptions
Hole 6 where you throw across the water to get to the basket and
Hole 13 where you throw across the road to get to the basket
Holes 1 & 6 the tall grass is ob. If you land in it off the tee you play from the drop zone. Other ob shots after the tee is played from the last place it was inbounds. You may go across the tee box on a drive as long as you have released the disc while in tee box
There aren't any mandos on the course meaning you can throw around whatever tree you like
All ob shots are a 1 stroke penalty
There will be refs lurking, as a matter of fact there was one there last nite

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