Re: I got one!

Posted by PackRuss on 3/30/09 6:40
Holy Hell!! That was a lot of courses in one day, I bet they iced those arms down after! What does that Cubby carry around a video camera everywhere? I was watching those YouTube shots, that was crazy! I think it was up to like 350+ aces..damn. There was one with commentary like.."well it's 4am, couldn't sleep, came out to the course, put some glowsticks on for a few rounds". Then he sticks an ACE in the dark, nice night vision! I need to get over to those Jersey courses to have a shot, no chance at Jordan, Parkway or Nocky, except for a select few ones. I know that one up there Buzzy's seemed so short like you had a chance on half of those holes, but that was a long time ago and noly played it once; if I'm driving that far, going to Warwick!

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