Re: Scoring

Posted by BrianGunkel on 9/26/08 16:59
it was hole 6 at the parkway ( over the creek ) . I was on the other side of the creek and the group had assumed that all tee shots were safe over the o.b. field. The 1 guys disc that was not ( about 2 feet or less short ) waited until the others in the group turned away and then picked his disc up and plopped it in the fair side of the out of bounds tape or rope. Since those other guys thought he was safe since it was close did not question it and no one saw me standing there until they all came around to the other side of the creek. I did not say anything because i was not expecting for something like that to happen and it caught me off guard. Plus this guy has been on videos and that is another reason i said nothing. I guess the reason i brought it up is because i am ranting about cheating and that was one of the worst i ever saw.

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