Posted by TheLung on 7/20/09 16:34
Looks like one of the NIMBYs found my web page where I review disc golf courses. I got the following e-mail from "Nature" ()

Dear Jeff,

Your review of the Unami Disc Golf course in Milford Twp doesn't mention that the course was virtually placed on top of an existing nature trail. The course and nature trail cross paths at least 8 times. Also, several of the holes have blind spots so if you are throwing a disc, you can't see if anyone is actually walking the trail. Again, thanks for caring. It is appreciated.

Whatever. I am a safety nazi and have never seen any problems at the course other than the couple making out on the boulder by hole#4, and a potential for problems if someone throws a bad shot into the shelter on hole#1. But I'd have to actually see someone using the shelter first before getting worried.

It's too bad that these knee-jerk nature bozos may prevent the course from ever expanding to 18 holes.

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