Posted by FredR on 12/29/08 12:37

NateyFresh wrote:
Yeah i got there right about 1pm. I had a older green accord, and was wearing a maroon phish shirt. If that helps haha. There was also two women asking "can you actually make it over the water?!" I caught up to a nice sized group of a few guys and girls on hole 9.

Side note...that is some slippery mud on hole 4. haha

Ok, that was you then. That lady walks her dog all the time over there. I keep trying to get her to play, but not sure if she has or not. You parked next to me, i had the white explorer.
Yea that mud over there is nasty. The bottom of the course gets real wet and mushy, not much you can do about that. The hill on #2 can be tricky to navigate too.

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