Posted by FredR on 9/18/08 18:54
I was out tonight working on the course by #2, there were quite a few people playing which was nice to see. For those of you who cant drive the hill and like to go left or right of the fairway, I hacked a bunch more briars down. I have bleeding arms to prove it, so you better like it... I am trying to work my way down the right side of the fairway to where the bridge crosses on #2. I am going to try to get the township out with their big boom mower to take care of the fairway on #3. I could really use that side cleared out as it seems like every time I throw from the tee, I end up buried in the middle of all that crap. I also cleaned up that small section to the left of the bridge on #3.

Hopefully during the work day we can get the sticks and what not on a big pile for the township to clean up. Sept. 27th.


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