Posted by FredR on 8/29/08 8:47
Thanks for the kind words. It was nice meeting you as well.

- I got some more work done last night on #2. I cut a ton of briars/sticker bushes on the right and left side of the downhill part of the fairway. Those things were HUGE. After I got into them with the chainsaw, I would venture to guess that they were at least 10'-12' tall. At least now when you short arm your drive, you should be able to retrieve your disc with out too much of a problem, just watch out for "gorge". The branches and stuff are still laying there, but it is much more accessible than it was. I am planning on cleaning up the rest next week when I come back from vacation. Also on #2 I opened up the area where the footbridge is. You may be able to sneak a shot thru there now vs. down the narrow corridor that was there before.

Also, the signs should be done next Saturday. I am planning on picking them up after I get back from vacation. I should be able to hang them sometime Saturday afternoon.

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