Re: French Creek status?

Posted by Tim14506 on 10/13/08 17:41
An update:

6 tees are done on the new course, and it is more playable than it ever has been. The first 7 holes are looking better, we cut down some more trees and opened a few of the lanes. The lane on hole 3 has been cut considerably and we are now using the intended tee back by the second pin making for a true par 5. Trouble can still be found off to the left but smart, safe, and/or conservative throws will avoid danger and lost discs while still yielding a chance for the par 5. The tee on hole 4 was moved back a bit making it a more true par 4, and the first part of the lane on hole 5 was opened up greatly making a par 4 much more reasonable and possible.

There are unofficially: 1 par 5, 5 par 4's, 2 ace runs, and the rest are par 3's (8 of which may be par 3.5's). Par is 61, I think the tweeners will make it higher, at least 64.

It's still pretty rough but rec players have found it and are already playing it. Any questions PM me. Thanks

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