Re: Hackets Park Easton Pa. New 18 hole course

Posted by TheLung on 9/6/08 14:34

adlacro wrote:

3. They moved the basket of hole 6 to in front of the path. It's a shorter hole and straight. I don't know if this was cause of the neighbors thinking errant tees would strike their houses or because of the vegetation overgrowth near where the old basket location was. I don't have a problem with this..

I am very happy to hear this. The former location was trouble with a capital 'T' because an errant drive to the former polehole location could easily end up in the neighbor's yards or worse, out on Hackett Ave. I personally put one only about 10 feet from the road the first time I played there - I am sure recreational / novice players have been throwing all over the place there.

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