Re: Hackets Park Easton Pa. New 18 hole course

Posted by adlacro on 9/5/08 19:44
I just went there on Friday. Here's what I saw and found:

1. The open holes are well maintained, kudos to Easton Parks Dept. Trees overhang was taken care of.

2. The basket on 4 is still messed up.

3. They moved the basket of hole 6 to in front of the path. It's a shorter hole and straight. I don't know if this was cause of the neighbors thinking errant tees would strike their houses or because of the vegetation overgrowth near where the old basket location was. I don't have a problem with this.

4. 15-17 looked like the jungle. Unplayable, which is a shame, 17 is the best hole Hackett's has to offer.

5. Both 2 and 18 have longer tees set up with no signs, a blue piece of wood maybe 20-40 feet further than the regulation tees.

6. The last three times I was here, there have been no other players at this course. Usually i see that with mostly 9 holers. It seems other dg'ers like to travel further to play a good 9 holer than play this 18 holer.

Just telling it like it is, Andrew L.

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