Re: Hackets Park Easton Pa. New 18 hole course

Posted by hrblpete on 5/21/08 12:20
So the tee-pads at Hacket's Park went in without the much needed alterations. Kudos to you Rocco for putting in another disc golf course with your signature slap-dash design methods. Let the record show that I along with Jayme King and Jason Davis tried contacting the person in charge of this project at the Easton Parks Dept. to no avail. Now we in the Lehigh Valley area are stuck with a course designed seemingly in haste containing several glairing layout flaws. For example hole 10 an uphill blind spike hyzer shot for a righty (most will throw something fast like a Destroyer or Excalliber) playing to a basket not 20 ft. from a playground. How long do you think it will be before a kid gets his ear chopped off? Or hole 9 playing alongside a busy road where cars blaze by at 50+ mph. I could go on but why bother. Let me ask you Rocco, when was the last time you actually played a full round of disc-golf? When was the last time you even picked up a disc and held it in your hand? I've been playing disc-golf for 10 years or so now and can't recall having ever walked an area course with you. Not once! While it vexes me, It comes as no surprise that the courses I have played of your design always seem ill conceived. Perhaps next time you take it upon yourself to design a course you might start by consulting someone who actually plays disc-golf. I'm sure there are several players who would share there ideas with you at no cost. Simply knowing they would be getting a course design worth playing would be payment enough. I will play Hacket's Park but with regret knowing it could have been a much better course if more time was taken during it's conception.


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