Re: OB at LP

Posted by TheLung on 5/15/09 12:50

You can throw to the right and over the river on hole#2 as long as your disc does not come to rest in the river or across the other side, which are OB.

Same for other OB areas on the course such as the high grass on hole #1 & hole #6, paths, roads, etc. You may use the "airspace" above them, but they just cannot be the final resting place for the disc.

FYI, you can download the official PDGA rules of play here:

I think it's prudent to ask people not to throw out over the street on holes #11 and #12. I think if there were too many incidents with cars, or discs ending up in neighbors' yards or driveways, both of which have the potential to result in complaints to the parks department, that the holes could run the risk of being pulled or re-located.

My $.02

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