Re: Lehigh Valley Open

Posted by rb12024 on 8/24/09 15:49
hole 1 and 6 will be clearly marked with ribbon and flags on friday
they only cut that area 2 or 3 times a year (the grass is short right now)
it is known as a raparian area meant to soak up the excess water
they don't want us tromping around in that area thus its ob

all the paths and across are obs well, along with the water and across except when you throw across the water on 6 and the road on 13 to get to the basket just the water and road are ob

the high grass by the green on hole 7 will be cut this week

hole 4 will be in the long position
that will move on thursday

tees at jordan will get swept off this week

with dry weather those large puddles will be much smaller if not gone altogether

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