Re: South Mountain Face Lift

Posted by Bilythekid on 12/20/08 12:04
I agree with niceness of the aluminum, and definately like the tee's at unami. However, I feel that south mountain deserves wood signs, as it is the woods. Not to mention I'm looking at a final cost of about $5 a sign if I do 36, or like $8.50 a sign if I do 18. The Images are all being produced, pro bono via a photoshop-style program, will be 10"x14", and laminated. I intend to attach with a staple gun on the black border, glue, or devise a tamper-proof sorta permanent thingie (Davis is full of good ideas). I figure the laminated images will give us the freedom to add tees or alt. pins and not have 5 steps involved with it. I think the hardest part of all this will be getting the posts for the signs right...

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