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Posted by rb12024 on 8/23/09 19:11
still looking for more hole sponsors
currently i have 11
i've got room for 36

online regisration will shut down on wednesday

if plan on playing and don't want to pay till sat send me your info name pdga # if you got one and division.
This will do 2 things, hold you a spot and save yourself and Mike and I time saturday

I don't think it will fill but I didn't think I'd have 110 people at sportsfest either


Mike and I could use assistance signing people up in the morning and scoring between rounds

Could use water coolers to set out on the courses

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Posted by rb12024 on 8/23/09 19:13
sign up info on page 1 of this thread

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Posted by BaboonArms on 8/24/09 11:27
Hey Robin...sign me up, I'll pay on Saturday.

Check my profile for name.
Div: Intermediate Am

no PDGA#

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Posted by Bob_Ziadie on 8/24/09 11:33
It would be very helpful to Robin if you would send him your info.......why should he take the time to look up YOUR profile? His email addy is on this thread. Help the man out for goodness sakes.

Robin, I am giving Solt one of my 5-gallon water buckets as well as my scoreport to bring down.

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Posted by becky33754 on 8/24/09 13:14
Happy Monday!

So I went out yesterday to check out both courses. What an amazing job the LV guys have done with these two courses. I used every disc in my bag between both of these courses.

Jordan- I love the tee signs and the layout. I felt that it was a little repetitive, but overall a really nice course. There were some really muddy spots and some larger size puddles, but hopefully they will dry up some this week.

Little Lehigh- What a nice course! This was my first time there and I really like it! Nice open shots, water, and some huge willow trees. It was a little hard to navigate between some holes since you have to walk a bit between some of them, but I found my way. I too also heart the tee signs here.

Question for this course...will the OB's be clearly marked? I wasn't sure on a couple of throws that I made. It stated that the tall grass was OB, but there was no indication where the tall grass started.

Looking forward to this weekend. I haven't signed up yet, but please put Becky Sonnheim, #33754, women's pro on the list.

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Posted by rb12024 on 8/24/09 15:49
hole 1 and 6 will be clearly marked with ribbon and flags on friday
they only cut that area 2 or 3 times a year (the grass is short right now)
it is known as a raparian area meant to soak up the excess water
they don't want us tromping around in that area thus its ob

all the paths and across are obs well, along with the water and across except when you throw across the water on 6 and the road on 13 to get to the basket just the water and road are ob

the high grass by the green on hole 7 will be cut this week

hole 4 will be in the long position
that will move on thursday

tees at jordan will get swept off this week

with dry weather those large puddles will be much smaller if not gone altogether

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Posted by rb12024 on 8/24/09 16:09
current sponsor list

Bob zaide
r-man de dead dog
Green Hollow Lawn Maintenance
Lime Bluff Wind Wizards
Steve Kofron x2
Yoccos the hot dog king
Hamm Bros Concrete Contractors
Blazosky Funeral Home

we also got 18 gift certificates from Primal Expressions
2 gift certificates for doggie pacs from Yoccos

to clarify awards will be at the parkway
this a wild guess but there will most likely be more ams than pros
pro side will most likely finish earlier so once the pros are done they'll head back to the parkway

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Posted by Rman on 8/25/09 9:17

Do you want my 5 gal cooler? I will be coming up Fri for dubs and can bring it then.

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Posted by BaboonArms on 8/25/09 11:32
Ziadie...don't have a cow man!
I didn't see his email add cause it was spelled out instead of using the @ sym and .

On a lighter note...will the registration be at one locale or one at each course?

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Posted by Bob_Ziadie on 8/25/09 12:36
Not having a cow man, don't get so defensive.....the TD's have a lot to do so just try and be a little more thoughful. Pre-registration also enables them to fill out scorecards in less thing to do the morning of.

On the lighter note, if you are playing amatuer, all ams will go to Jordan in the morning for registration, pros will go to Little Lehigh. After the first round ams go over to L.L and pros go over to Jordan.

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