South Mountain Face Lift

Posted by Bilythekid on 12/18/08 0:36
Hey guy's i'm working on new tee signs for south mountain. So far they're semi-gloss white, 10 X 14 X 2 and all 18 of them will look about somethin' like dis.

All black paint, then a crud ton of clear-coat....

Any suggestions, Ideas, feedback, etc. would be nice.

I'm probably going to put time into them this weekend, so the sooner the better with the feedback.

Re: South Mountain Face Lift

Posted by FredR on 12/18/08 7:14
They look good. What will the sign material be? Do you have any idea what they will cost ea? Are you stenciling the letters on?

Here is an idea based on what you have.

Re: South Mountain Face Lift

Posted by rb12024 on 12/18/08 20:05
you should first contact the parks

run it by them first
jordan wants lehigh county parks on the sign
parkway wants city of allentown parks and recreation department

just proofed the jordan signs this week and they are off to get printed

a friend of mine (yes i got a friend) works for a local company that make recycling containers

the signs we are creating will be routed out of a 4x 8 sheet of plastic,a decal applied to it and a piece of polycarbonate over top of that to prevent damage

the center will be routed out with a 1/2" edge all the way around the outside and the polycarbonate will fit inside flush with the top

once they are made and we're happy with them we may also use these at the parkway

heres a sample of one of the signs

Re: South Mountain Face Lift

Posted by Bilythekid on 12/18/08 20:42
so its looking a bit more like this now...not the real distances

I'll figure something out with the parks dept I guess. Final stuff is going to wait until any decisions about red tees and alternate pins in discussed, but I intend to have something around icebowl...

Re: South Mountain Face Lift

Posted by FredR on 12/19/08 16:07
the sign looks good. You may want to consider going with an alum. sign base and a printed vinyl decal. Thats what was done at UCP and they turned out well. The cost is very reasonable. It think it was something like $45/sign.

Re: South Mountain Face Lift

Posted by Bilythekid on 12/20/08 12:04
I agree with niceness of the aluminum, and definately like the tee's at unami. However, I feel that south mountain deserves wood signs, as it is the woods. Not to mention I'm looking at a final cost of about $5 a sign if I do 36, or like $8.50 a sign if I do 18. The Images are all being produced, pro bono via a photoshop-style program, will be 10"x14", and laminated. I intend to attach with a staple gun on the black border, glue, or devise a tamper-proof sorta permanent thingie (Davis is full of good ideas). I figure the laminated images will give us the freedom to add tees or alt. pins and not have 5 steps involved with it. I think the hardest part of all this will be getting the posts for the signs right...

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