The Boss?

Posted by DGMtv on 10/16/08 8:21
Hey Robin, Matt L, and Mike Solt. Do any of you have the Boss to sell yet? I'm not happy with the online prices I'm seeing for them. gotta go gotta throw is reasonably priced but disc golf center is who I usually buy from because of the free shipping, and they're charging $25 a pop just becuase it's a 1st run stamp. I don't see them in retail stores yet.

I'm not a big fan of hotstamps because I find they fade out because of the amount of times they get pulled out of my bag.

BTW everyone, there's a glow tournament at Tyler Saturday night, tee time is at 6pm.

Have fun everyone playing in the C tier AMMO tournament at the Parkway on Sunday, I'll be playing in a league and won't make it out there unfortunatly.


Re: The Boss?

Posted by Fornia on 10/16/08 12:55
Hey there....

I have a bunch of Bosses...first run and non first runs.

I'd sell them for what I've got into them.....20ish.

Just let me know

Re: The Boss?

Posted by Markus on 10/17/08 14:39
Will anybody sell them this Sunday at the C-tier ABC DiscGolf at Parkway?

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