Nockamixon Meeting for Improvements

Posted by 3dd13 on 9/18/08 5:53
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There is a meeting tonight about environmental improvements to the lake. Everything they mention is for the lake itself. Man-made, no rocks for algae to form on for fish, etc. Also, it looks like some projects for the turtles.

Who knows if they will discuss the bird nests that took away 4 holes.
Park rangers will hold a public meeting at 7 p.m. today to discuss the plans and to solicit volunteers. The meeting will be in the park's Environmental Education Center, off Route 563 (Mountain View Road), Haycock Township.

Re: Nockamixon Meeting for Improvements

Posted by Rman on 9/18/08 9:55

Thanks for the heads up on this. I will attend, not sure if anyone else can make it.

Re: Nockamixon Meeting for Improvements

Posted by j_davisc on 9/18/08 10:14
I cant make it, ill be working at jordan.

I think the disc golf course should be brought up. Either give us back the land we used to have or assign us a new area already.

Go get'em Ray! Hopefully Brian and Kev can make it too.

Re: Nockamixon Meeting for Improvements

Posted by TheLung on 9/18/08 12:54
A bunch of us (Gunkel, Schoch, Mike Solt, Bagger Pat) were out there a few weeks ago and walked original holes#1-4 which were removed. Except for some high grass they are in fine shape and could easily be played again. About the only thing that would need to be rebuilt is the tee of hole#1. The other tees are fine.

Re: Nockamixon Meeting for Improvements

Posted by Rman on 9/18/08 20:43
The meeting was about the platforms they are putting in for the red bellied turtles and submerged lumber for the panfish. They started the meeting with "Rule #1, no other subjects can be talked about". I almost left, but the other 10 people that were there would have felt lonely.

I did talk to a couple of people afterwards, they said the new park manager will start 9/29 and maybe after a couple weeks we could have a meeting with him. His name is Obie. So until then, play 14 holes and be happy.

And may the force be with you!

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