eagles tickets

Posted by BrianGunkel on 9/6/08 11:32
i have season tickets that i am trying to unload. They are a bit pricy but it is part of citizens bank diamond club. each game you get 2 tickets, a 3 hour buffet including soda beer and wine, appearances of eagle alumni- cheerleaders and swoop the mascot and an unknown gift. here is a pic of the location of the seats

the games are as follows
SUN. 9/07/08 1PM RAMS $650.
SUN. 9/21/08 4:15PM STEELERS $650.
SUN. 10/05/08 1PM REDSKINS $650.
SUN. 10/26/08 1PM FALCONS $650
SUN. 11/09/08 8:15PM GIANTS $650
THUR. 11/27/08 8PM CARDINALS $650
MON. 12/15/08 8:30PM BROWNS $650
SUN. 12/28/08 1PM COWBOYS $650.

If interested you can buy 1 game or as many as you want. thanks.

Re: eagles tickets

Posted by TheLung on 9/6/08 14:30
Nice pic.

Upload it to ImageShack.

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Posted by BrianGunkel on 9/6/08 15:33
you can view the pic if you click on the link. The seats are in section C-13 seats 11 and 12.

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Posted by TheLung on 9/6/08 19:48
You can, but nobody else can because it's an attachment within your Yahoo e-mail account which only you have the password to.

I'm telling you, no one else can view it. You need to upload it to ImageShack or GlowFoto or some other photo hosting service if you want people to actually be able to see it.

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