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Posted by rb12024 on 9/19/08 20:28
keith is on the list i'mholding

chris hill
tim repppert
ty schaeffer
mitchell maloney
stu allen
ed matias
ty matias
tim reyes
glenn patterson
keith mccormack
scot greenawalt
harry brown
chris moser
don thoms
nathan krahn
aaron stein
steve braud
eric robbins

58 people in

18 spots being held

only 14 left if your not in or haven't contacted me

Re: fools in the creek

Posted by Rman on 9/21/08 18:41
Just a big "Thank You" to Robin for doing a great job running this tournament. Everything ran smoothly, and on a timely manor. All things on the course were taken care of before hand from O.B.lines to the fine Tee signs.

Also Thanks to Jamey and Jason and all the others who dedicated all the time to make the course look the best it ever has!

Great Job!

Re: fools in the creek

Posted by eric_dmb on 9/22/08 8:15
I too would like to give a big thank you to everyone that was involved in not only making a PDGA event in the LV a reality again, but for making Jordan look AMAZING!
The course looked pristine and it is clear that a lot of work has been done recently! The new concrete tee-pads were great and the whole day was perfect (except for my play)

Thanks again!

Re: fools in the creek

Posted by rb12024 on 9/22/08 14:54
scores are up at the pdga site

Re: fools in the creek

Posted by 3dd13 on 9/23/08 12:14
Results are also on lvdc site

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