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Re: IceBowl Potluck Lunch

Subject: Re: IceBowl Potluck Lunch
by j_davisc on 1/22/09 10:03


nickxc wrote:
Do u guys need anything brought, due to i wasnt planning on it. But seeing as it is gonna a big shindig figured i would see if there is anything that needs to be brought?

Crockpots are prefered(chili, soup, stew, BBQ, etc.), we will have power strips and a generator in case the electric is turned off in the pavilion. There is also a grill if you feel like making hotdogs or whatever for people.

Last year we had 96 people show up and only a dozen or so brought food. We NEED EVERYONE to bring a dish to share.

Keep in mind we also need, plates, bowls, plasticware, napkins, condiments, hot sauces, extension cords, power strips, etc.

FYI-Last year i brought my stuff cold figuring it would warm up during the first round. It didnt (crockpots dont heat so well outdoors) so make sure your stuff is hot when you leave your house (crockpots will maintain the temp during the first round).

ALSO - If people could bring thier portable baskets, we could use them for fris-bag, or to set up additional holes if need be.

Thanks to all who are bringing!


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