$5 super ace pot !?!?

Posted by nocash4me on 1/30/09 13:41
I just finished speaking to Bob Z. and he o.k.'d for me to run a $5 super ace pot at the hickory run ice bowl. this is completely seperate from the $1 ace pot that they normally have and will have again. I want to keep it simple, $5 to get in, ace you win. multiple aces, money gets split. good for both rounds. nobody hits, money goes to the charity that they are sponsoring. just trying to get an idea if people would be interested in something like this. any comments, suggestions are welcome...and to let people know ahead of time to bring an extra $5 if they are interested.

Re: $5 super ace pot !?!?

Posted by benji on 1/31/09 4:17
i think that's a good idea. i would definitely put in for it.

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