Posted by j_davisc on 1/15/09 8:51
Cabela's has the STABLicers that Brian had at the mountain last friday.

I'm getting a pair on Friday afternoon.

Re: STABILicers

Posted by 3dd13 on 1/15/09 17:07
It would be advised to get them. I played 8 holes on Saturday and we fell about 3 times. The Mtn is very icy.

If I can't find my corkers for my waders.

Re: STABILicers

Posted by j_davisc on 1/15/09 17:38
Cabelas in Hamburg is sold out.

I ordered a set online at however they only have XL left in stock. has Larges in stock.

With 3-5 day delivery they should be here mid next week, but you may want to upgrade to overnight for the extra $10 to be sure.

Re: STABILicers

Posted by BrianGunkel on 1/15/09 21:23
what about yaktrax ? cabelas might have them or maybe dicks sporting goods.

Re: STABILicers

Posted by Bilythekid on 1/15/09 22:29
One could just hammer nails through their shoes. It would cost less and alleviate all shipping delays while providing for easy puncture of opponents and insolent plastic

Re: STABILicers

Posted by DGMtv on 1/15/09 23:39

BrianGunkel wrote:
what about yaktrax ? cabelas might have them or maybe dicks sporting goods.

I own a pair of Yaktrax. They hold your feet to the ground much too securly to allow your body to pivot when you throw, as least on ice. When I was playing in the snow at S Mountian, Nocky, and Tinicum the other day I was able to pivot much better with there being snow on the ground. I'm always going to keep a pair in my bag though, they are good in more than just icy conditions. I find they are good to have on when crossing a stream that has a few slippery rocks.

They cost me 21.05 with tax.


Re: STABILicers

Posted by Rman on 1/16/09 9:16
Stabilicers kept coming off Brians shoes when we were playing at Long Trout. I have the Yaktrax that have a velcro band that goes over your shoe to hold them on better. I have not had any problems "pivoting" with mine, but I play a more cautious game in the winter. Either ones that you get, they are not designed for pivoting and that is why the come off. I have had my Yaks for 2 years and they move around my shoes a little (the rubber is getting worn). I think your shoe tread in general will also be a factor, hiking boots with good tread will hold them in place, while sneakers will allow them to roam around your feet!

Re: STABILicers

Posted by BrianGunkel on 1/16/09 9:35
i too have the one with the velcro strap and have no problems with them. When davis posted the pic of the stablicers i thought they looked like they could easily slip off the foot.

Re: STABILicers

Posted by BrianGunkel on 1/16/09 9:36
if anyone wants to borrow my yaktrax for the ice bowl let me know. I wont be throwing for a few months anyway.

Re: STABILicers

Posted by j_davisc on 1/16/09 9:37
Good reviews!

Brian didnt seem to have any trouble with his at the mountain on Friday, but i heard if there is signifacant snow they can be "pulled" off sometimes. Maybe i'll rig up an ankle strap for around the laces of my shoes if i encounter any problems. The STABLicers actually do pivot well and still held firm when i tried Brians, the yak-traks seem to lock your foot down and not allow much pivot(as per DGM Kevin).

All in all, one is probably better off with some sort of "ice cleats" than with out.

Keep the reviews coming. I'll post mine when i get them in the mail.

See yaw at the mtn.

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