LV Courses

Whether you’re looking for a casual round of golf with friends, or want to push your game to its limit, The Lehigh Valley is the place for disc golf. We have a variety of courses that please every type of golfer. If you’re looking to throw some bombs, head down to the Parkway and tackle our 666 foot par 4 with rampant OB. If you’re thinking of hitting your first ace, head down to Wehr’s or up to South Mountain and make runs at those 250 foot holes (be warned, the trees will eat you alive).

The LVDC had the privilege and honor of hosting the 2005 Disc Golf World Championships. Since then, we’ve made every attempt to keep those courses world class, and we’re still growing. Just this year we’ve added new twists and turns to our courses that have the old pros scratching their heads.

The Valley keeps bringing the sport alive with new courses popping up every year. We’re always on top of what’s happening in this Valley of ours, and we’ll make sure that all the information you need to know about our courses is right here.

We hope to see you out for a round or two.

Our Core Courses

Our Satellite Courses

Please note that these pages will always remain current, but disc golf in the Valley just keeps getting bigger so make sure to check back as we add the plethora of new courses that keep popping up!