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Golf Equipment Guide for Women Ⅱ

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  1. golf04444

    The No.1 wood is commonly called the [url=http://www.thegolfdiscountsale.com]Driver[/url] and has the lowest loft usually between 9° to 12° and the longest shaft at around 43.5". This is designed to hit your maximum distance but can be the hardest club to hit.
    The drivers is usually hit off the tee on a tee for the best chance of a solid strike but can also be used on a fairway where you have a long way to the green. This must be tempered though as a poorly hit driver covers less distance than a well hit fairway wood or iron. Also off the fairway the driver results in less height and may not cover the expected distance. See more on the driver.
    The 3 wood typically has 15° or 16° of loft and a 42" shaft making it easier to hit than the driver. Although classed as a fairway woodthe 3 wood is used by many off the tee because it is easier to hit. For some, it will hit the ball further than a driver for those that typically hit the ball low the extra loft will give a greater distance.
    The 5 wood typically has 19° or 20° of loft and is usually used on the fairway as the club as it results in greater distances than your irons.
    [url=http://www.thegolfdiscountsale.com/category-101-b0-Fairway+Woods.html]Fairway woods[/url] by their design do not "dig in" as easily as irons making them easier to hit as they slide along the top of the grass. In the rough they also an advantage as they are less likely to be caught up in the long grass as long as the ball is not sitting down too deeply where you need to hack it out with a wedge.
    Although the fairway woods have a lower loft than and of the irons the head design allows you to hit the ball higher and the extra length in the shaft gives you the length.
    This being the case many find fairway woods easier to hit than their long irons and have replaced their 3, 4 and sometimes 5 irons with 7, 9 and 11 woods which will hit the equivalent distance with a higher flying ball.
    This higher flying ball also has the advantage that it will not roll as much and may stop on the green where the iron will bounce and roll right off. This high ball flight is not so good on windy days and some professionals will swap their woods for irons when playing in windy conditions.
    For those new to the game woods were named when they were in fact made out of wood. Today most woods are made out of metal which leads to the term 'metal wood'

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