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New 9-hole beginner course at Blue Mountain

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  • Started 10 months ago by The Lung
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  1. The Lung

    From the Blue Mountain website:

    "Blue is in the process of adding a 3rd Disc Golf Course located at the Summit Lodge. It will consist of 9-holes and is tailored for beginners. Play a quick 9-hole game and then enjoy food & drinks at the Slopeside Pub & Grill Thursdays through Sundays starting May 26th 2011!"

    Personally, I think this is a great idea as I feel that even from the shorter set of tees, the Valley Park course and ESPECIALLY the Skyline Park are way over the head of novices and beginners to the sport.

    I can't wait until Memorial Day weekend to get back up on the mountain and throw some 500' downhill hucks!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  2. j_davisc

    So, no truth to the rumors about the peak course being removed any time soon????

    Posted 10 months ago #
  3. rb12024

    uh, no, according to the blue mt facebook page they will be open thursday friday saturday sunday with both courses(skyline and valley, no mention of a 9 holer) being 5 bucks each to play , 50 dollar for a season pass

    Posted 10 months ago #
  4. The Lung

    It doesn't say as much on the website, but I got an e-mail last Friday which stated:

    Hours of Operation:

    Thursday - 10AM to 6PM
    Friday - 10AM to 6PM
    Saturday - 9AM to 6PM
    Sunday - 9AM to 6PM

    Disc Golf Course fees:

    Access to all 3 courses - $5.00
    Slopeside 9 only - $3.00

    Disc Golf Season Pass - $50.00

    I would be quite surprised if they are indeed running the lift on Thursdays & Fridays, ESPECIALLY considering there is no more mountain biking. Will there *really* be enough traffic & income from disc golf on a weekday to cover the costs of electricity & paying the employees to run the lift for 8 hours?!?

    Posted 10 months ago #
  5. j_davisc

    "Will there *really* be enough traffic & income from disc golf on a weekday to cover the costs of electricity & paying the employees to run the lift for 8 hours?!?"

    No chance.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  6. rb12024

    no, again according to their facebook page, they have a ranger with 6 seats and a fleet of gators to ferry people to the top

    Posted 10 months ago #
  7. The Lung

    And according to said Facebook page:

    "The lifts are not running for disc golf this summer, come to the summit lodge if you want to catch a ride on the 6 passenger Ranger!"

    So no lift service at all, not on weekdays and not even on the weekends. Let me try to get this straight: to play the Skyline Park course, I have to go to the Summit Lodge and pay my greens fees, then get a ride on the Ranger up to the top of the course. Then when I'm done with my round and am at the base, how do I get back up to my car at the Summit Lodge? Is there a shuttle bus or do I get another ride on the Ranger back up to the Summit Lodge? What happens on a crowded Saturday or Sunday when there are lots of golfers who need rides everywhere...how many Rangers are there? Or do I have to wait around for the Ranger?!?

    If I'm playing the Slopeside 9, I just pay my greens fees and play right there. If I'm playing the Valley Park course, I pay my greens fees at the Summit Lodge and then drive down to the valley parking lot, so no problems there. But playing the Skyline Park course sounds like a real cluster****. Maybe I pay my greens fees at the Summit Lodge, then drive down to the valley parking lot and catch the Ranger there to the top of the course?!? I'm so confused.

    Maybe I'll just play Bear Creek this summer instead.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  8. rb12024

    besides the ranger, they have a fleet of gators:)


    Posted 9 months ago #

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