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201 Mr. DiscGolf Tour!

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  1. eric_dmb

    Mr. DiscGolf is proud to announce 2011 Events!

    Feb 27 End of Winterfest Alexandria Twp, Milford NJ C
    Mar 20 King of the Mountain South Mountain, Bethlehem, PA PDGA C Tier
    April 17 Dead Dogs Wakeup Call French Creek, Elverson, PA PDGA C Tier
    May 14 Fools in the Creek Jordan Creek, Whitehall, PA PDGA B Tier
    Jun 4-5 Pocono X-Town Hickory Run/FE Walter, Poconos, PA PDGA B Tier
    Jul 16-17 Sportsfest Lehigh Parkway, Allentown, PA PDGA C Tier
    Aug 13 Rt 222 X-Town Akron/Buchmiller, Rt 222 Corridor, PA PDGA C Tier
    Aug 27 Pocono Amateur Classic* Hickory Run, Poconos, PA PDGA C Tier
    Sep 17-18 Lehigh Valley Open TBD, Greater Allentown Area PDGA B Tier
    Oct 8 Hoodoo Two Nockamixon, Quakertown, PA PDGA C Tier
    Nov 6 Dead Dogs Fall Classic French Creek, Elverson, PA PDGA C Tier
    * Am Only Event

    Tournament Names are subject to change.

    Possible Doubles Event Weekends
    June, July, August, October

    Sponsorship opportunities are available for single events as well as the entire tour. Please contact Mike Solt at for more details.

    visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com for more information and announcements about each event. Pre-reg will open for the first event in the coming weeks!

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  2. eric_dmb

    after a few minor conflicts were resolved, the revised 2011 Mr. DiscGolf tour is set in stone. It will provide a great mix of events over the Eastern region of Pennsylvania - hope you can join us!

    Date Event Name Course Tier
    Feb 27 End of Winterfest Alexandria Twp C
    Mar 20 King of the Mountain South Mountain C
    April 16 Dead Dogs Wakeup Call French Creek C
    May 14-15 The People's Championship Jordan Creek/South Mt B
    Jun 4-5 Pocono X-Town Hickory Run/FE Walter B
    Jul 16-17 Sportsfest Lehigh Parkway C
    Aug 21 Rt 222 X-Town Akron/Buchmiller C
    Aug 27 Pocono Amateur Classic Hickory Run C
    Sep 17-18 Lehigh Valley Open TBD B
    Oct 1 Hoodoo Two Nockamixon C
    Nov 6 Dead Dogs Fall Classic French Creek C

    * Am Only Event Tournament Names are subject to change

    Possible Doubles Event Weekends June, July, August, October

    visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com for more info!

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  3. eric_dmb

    and so it begins!
    pre-reg for the first stop on the 2011 Mr. DiscGolf Tour is now up and ready for business!

    pre-reg http://mrdiscgolf.com/?page_id=349

    flyer http://mrdiscgolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Winterfest.pdf

    other big news from Mr. DiscGolf:
    MrDiscGolf is proud to announce that KEEN footwear has made a huge gesture of support for the 2011 MrDiscGolf Tour, the KEEN Ace Challenge.

    The first ace in each event of the 10 MrDiscGolf Pro/Am events gets a pair of Keens! It’s a fantastic way for you to be congratulated for an ace! I can’t thank Keen enough for their generous support!

    Thank you Keen!

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  4. eric_dmb

    Spitfire Custom Mini's have stepped up to sponsor a hole (TBD which hole) and any aces on that hole will get a Spitfire mini!

    There will be CTB after the 2nd round to benefit EDGE. Discs, KEEN products and assorted other disc golf goodies will be given away as prizes.

    End of Winterfest is nearly a third full http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/64314 don't wait to pre-reg as there will be a 90 player limit!

    pre-reg for Mr. DiscGolf Tour stop #2 at South Mountain will open soon, stay tuned

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  5. dscmn

    32 signed up. 2 unprotected...really?

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  6. rb12024

    a little heads up, the milford bridge is closed for repairs so plan accordingly.

    half full, still only 2 open players...really?

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  7. raphbussy

    played there yesterday sunday the 20th., there's still frozen snow on the ground, some t-pads aren't clean, some basket are frozen all around, if it's going to melt this week it's going to be a mud bath, the parking lot is going to be a big mess, it was allready on sunday with only 39 degres.

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  8. eric_dmb

    from the desk of Mr. DiscGolf:

    End of Winterfest *Layout* round 1 - blue tees round 2 - red tees *some tees may be played from nearby paths if sloppy terrain*

    *Dodo's Bounty* Presenting the Dodo's Bounty......1 specific hole....beit a par 3 or4.....you have to birdie!!! Pre-determined morning of event!- the Bounty - a gift certificate to the store!- multiple winners possible!

    *TRAFFIC ADVISORY* The Milford Bridge of Rt 32 is closed...if you go the back rds from 412/212..you'll need to take the Reigelsville bridge or Frenchtown bridge.

    *Pre-Registration*Currently we have ~50 registrations.....with a week to go...you maywant to think about pre-regging!!

    Pre-reg at http://www.mrdiscgolf.com

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  9. eric_dmb

    End of Winterfest is filling up!
    Don't risk not having a spot on Sunday morning, pre-reg now!
    currently 66 of 90 spots are filled http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/64314
    There will be lunch orders taken during check-in the morning of the event.

    STOP #2 on the 2011 Mr. DiscGolf tour is now open for pre-reg!
    King of The Mountain on March 20th at South Mountain. PDGA C TIER

    Flyer - http://mrdiscgolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/KOTM.pdf
    pre-reg - http://mrdiscgolf.com/?page_id=388

    get in early, this event will fill quickly!

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  10. eric_dmb

    The first stop on the 2011 Mr. DiscGolf tour is in the books. 91 players came out to the tour opener and enjoyed the efforts of Matt LaCourte and his Alexandria Twp. course in Milford, NJ. Full results can be seen here http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/64314

    If you have any intention of playing the second stop, King of The Mountain at South Mountain in Bethlehem, PA on March 20th, I advise you pre-reg now. We are still 3 weeks out from the event and we are already at 36 players. http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/66824
    Please visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com to get your registration in while there is room, this event WILL fill at 90 players.

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  11. eric_dmb

    WOW! Who would have seen this coming?
    King of the Mountain is FULL! 55 registrations came in yesterday and 5 are already on the wait list - the 90 player field is full!
    To add your name to the wait list for King of the Mountain taking place at Sounth Mountain on March 20th, please visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com and go to the contact us page to let Mike know you want to get on the list.


    pre-reg for
    Dead Dogs Wake-Up Call – C-Tier
    April 17, 2011
    French Creek State Park
    Elverson PA
    2 rd of singles
    830-930 check in
    945 tee off
    Rec/Int – $25
    Adv – $30
    Open – $35
    **add $10 if you are not a PDGA member**
    will open soon!

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  12. eric_dmb

    Due to the overwhelming demand to play the King of the Mountain event on March 20th, Mr. DiscGolf is pleased to announce that we’re adding two temp holes to accommodate some of the waitlisted people. Since we’re teeing off at 9:30am…and we’ll have daylight savings on our side, we can make this happen!!
    Adding these 2 extra holes will allow an additional 10 people to play King of the Mountain. The first 9 players on the waitlist currently are now IN the event.

    THE 100TH SPOT!!

    As MrDiscGolf is a proud supporter of EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience), we are going to auction off the 100th spot on eBay with ALL proceeds benefitting EDGE. If you are the winner of this spot, you can use it for your current registration, assign to a player of your choice, or just donate that spot to the next person on the list! The Auction will be listed for 5 days starting the evening ofMarch 5th!
    Please check http://www.mrdiscgolf.com or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/MrDiscGolf/136330546397762?ref=ts for the ebay link! Again, this auction will be open to anyone, even those who have already registered and would like to "help the cause".

    King of the Mountain (2) extra temp holes:
    Temp #1 = from road near #5 to field in front of pavilion
    Temp #2 = from near 15's basket down to temp basket near 16's tee
    That way it's 10 on the front and 10 on the back.
    Special thanks to the LVDC for helping with the temporary holes layout.

    Additional 2011 Mr. DiscGolf tour news!
    The first 2 dates on the tour have FILLED - mark these important dates on your calendar and stay tuned!

    March 16 - Pre-reg for Dead Dogs Wake up Call at French Creek opens
    March 21 - Pre-reg for Peoples Championship at S. Mtn & Jordan Creek opens
    April 18 - Pre-reg for Pocono X-Town at Hickory Run and FEW opens

    Thank you for all of your support!

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  13. eric_dmb

    The ebay auction for the 100th spot for King of the Mountain ends tonight. Get your bids in now if you want to ensure a spot in this FULL event!


    In other tour news:
    French Creek registration opens 1 week from today
    Lunch will be provided by the dead dogs, donations will be welcome to help offset costs.

    We will be playing the new world class layout at French Creek State Park
    1st rd – Long Baskets
    2nd rd – Short Baskets

    Player packs are being finalized for the People's Championship and will be well worth the entry fee for this 2 day event! Players will have the chance to qualify for the Vibram Open and the USDGC all while playing 2 of the Lehigh Valley's best disc golf courses. Stay tuned for further details on this B-Tier event including added cash, pre-registration and many more details!

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  14. eric_dmb

    Nestle has come on board and is going to be donating 5 cases of water for each event on the Mr. DiscGolf tour starting with the King of the Mountain event this Sunday! Thank you Nestle!


    Mr. Disc Golf would like to thank everyone who bid in support of E.D.G.E.
    When the eBay bidding war ended Mr. Disc Golf could not believe that the 100th spot for the upcoming King of The Mountain tournament helped raise $98 to support E.D.G.E (Educational Disc Golf Experience).
    A very warm thank you goes out to Nick Vidumsky. Your support of E.D.G.E and the King of The Mountain event is greatly appreciated.

    Also, for everyone’s convenience, lunch orders from Lehigh Pizza will be taken the morning of the event

    Layout for the KOTM event at South Mountain will be as follows:
    1, 2, 3, 4 Right, 5 Long, 5A, 6, 7 Left, 8 Left, 9 Long, 10, 11, 12 Left, 13 Left, 14 Short, 15, 16 Long, 17 Left/Straight, 18 Long, 18A

    Dead Dogs Wake Up Call being held at French Creek State Park on Sunday April 17th will open for pre-registration tomorrow March 16th at 8pm. Please visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com to reserve your spot to play in tour stop #3 on the 2011 Mr. DiscGolf tour!
    The first two stops have filled, so please do not wait!

    As always, thank you for the continued support of Mr. DiscGolf and the 2011 tour. If you or your company would like to join forces and sponsor an event, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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  15. eric_dmb

    56 of 90 spots have filled in just under 12 hours of pre-reg for the Dead Dogs Wake Up Call at French Creek on 4/17. If you intend to play this event, I advise you pre-reg ASAP as we will most likely be full by the weekend.

    sign up here - http://mrdiscgolf.com/?page_id=490
    pre-reg list - http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/67283

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  16. eric_dmb

    99 great disc golfers ascended upon the disc golf course at Lehigh University - South Mountain for King of the Mountain! Steve Braud of the Philly area took home his first Open PDGA win! Pat Luchowski fought hard to overcome a few hole deficit to take home the Advanced win. Ray Rogers & Don Thoms fought a great battle that ended up with a two hole play off with Ray prevailing. Intermediate was won by Zach Anders from the Codurus area. Brad Coffer took home the Rec win! Tracy Gruber won Adv ladies, Gilda Lane won Int ladies, and Wendy Leigh won her first rec event! Great job everyone!!!

    CTPs were won by Devin Machalick and Chuck Moyer.

    Congratulations to Curvin Stine for his ace in Rd 1 on hole 17. Curvin won the first KEEN Ace Challenger and took home the ace pot!! Way to go Curvin!!!

    full results from King of the Mountain can be found here - http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/66824
    April 17th's Dead Dogs Wake Up Call being held at French Creek state park is full! We had a surprising pre-reg with this event filling at 90 players in 42 hours! If this is a sign of things to come, be sure to pay attention to the thread updates and http://www.mrdiscgolf.com for updates!
    DiscGolfPlanet.TV has signed on to be the presenting sponsor of the Peoples’ Championship. The Peoples Championship is the Region 8 USDGC Qualifying Event & a Vibram Open Qualifying Event taking place May 14-15, 2011 on the Jordan Creek and South Mountain courses in the Lehigh Valley.
    Pre-registration for this event is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! pre-reg will go live on the evening of April 1, 2011. This event will cap at 90 pro players and 90 am players, so don't delay.

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  17. eric_dmb

    THIS coming Friday, April 1 we will open pre-registration for the PDGA B tier, stop # 4 on the 2011 Mr. DiscGolf tour. Get in early or risk being shut out! ALL details can be found below

    When: May 14-15, 2011
    Where: 1 Day at Jordan Creek Parkway, 1 Day at South Mountain
    Limited to 90 Pros and 90 Ams
    Registration will open APRIL 1st, 2011
    You can register at http://WWW.PREREG.ME
    Pro – $70, Advanced – $60, All Others – $50
    At Least $500.00 added cash for Pros!
    The Region 8 USDGC Qualifying Event & a Vibram Open Qualifying Event
    Schedule of Events (tentative)
    Random Draw Dubs starting at 5pm at S. Mountain
    8-930a - All players check-in at Jordan Creek
    945a – Players Meeting
    10a – Pro’s Disburse to South Mt, Am’s to their holes at Jordan Creek
    1030a – Pro’s get hole assignments at S. Mt
    1p – Lunch Break
    2p – Begin Rd 2 at each course
    530p – Player Party at location TBD
    8-9a – Ams check-in at S. Mt, Pros check-in at Jordan Creek
    915-930a – Start Rd 1at each course
    12p – Lunch Break
    1p – Begin Rd 2 at each course
    4-5p – Ring of Fire/CTB at Jordan Creek
    5p – Awards & Prizes

    TD: MIKE SOLT 570-630-0003

    Knight’s Inn
    1880 Steelstone Road
    Allentown, PA 18109
    (610) 266-9070
    Rates ~ $60/nite for double occupancy!
    Centrally Located – 10 minutes from either course

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  18. eric_dmb

    discgolf planet.tv PRESENTS THE PEOPLES' CHAMPIONSHIP May 14-15, 2011 at Jordan Creek Parkway and South Mountain

    Limited to 90 Pros and 90 Ams

    Registration will open TODAY at 12:00 NOON!
    You can register at http://WWW.PREREG.ME

    At Least $500.00 added cash for Pros!

    Am player packs will include event pint glasses, dri-fit shirts and more!

    Get your registrations in early as this is going to be a popular event and one of the biggest in Eastern Pennsylvania all year

    for more details on the event as well as the entire 2011 Mr. DiscGolf tour, please visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com.
    Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the remaining events!

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  19. eric_dmb

    We are happy to announce that the AM side of the People's Championship is full with 90 players registering since Friday afternoon!
    Waitlist will now start for those interested in getting in on that OR you can step up and challange the Open/Master's divisions! There are only 21 pro spots filled right now and with at least $500 in added cash to those divisions, your pay out could be very nice!


    Addititional date added to the 2011 Mr.DiscGolf tour.
    October 15th – Mr. DiscGolf presents…............... The Codorus Autumn Open!
    This event will feature two 20 hole layouts played over Cordorus' 54 holes of disc golf!
    The field will be limited to 100 ams/100 pros and will be a PDGA C Tier event


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  20. eric_dmb

    Tour Announcements!

    With the Dead Dogs Wake Up Call in the books ( http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/67283 ) we are happy to announce a few upcoming things.

    - Keep an eye on the various Mr.DiscGolf communications (this message board, http://www.mrdiscgolf.com or http://www.facebook.com/mrdiscgolf) for updates on the People's Championship taking place May 14/15 in the Lehigh Valley. We are currently encouraging Open players (pro, masters, grandmasters) to get their pre-reg in ASAP as there is talk of opening the field to more AM players on May 2nd. We are looking to max out the field at 180 players and want to give EVERYONE with interest the opportunity to play. So, if you are planning to play in any Pro division, please get your pre-reg in at http://www.mrdiscgolf.com by May 1st! If you are an AM and want to have first crack at the spots that MIGHT open, please use the contact us page at http://www.mrdiscgolf.com to alert the TDs.

    - Pre-registration for the Pocono X-Town events will open May 3rd. This event is going to be two separate events being held at the Hickory Run and Francis E. Walter Dam courses. Saturday June 4th will be a PDGA C-Tier singles event with 1 round at each course and will be limited to 90 players. Sunday June 5th will be an unsanctioned doubles event with 1 round at each course and will be limited to 72 total players (36 teams). pre-registration is HIGHLY recommended for BOTH of these events, so be sure to get in early!
    More information about camping and Random Draw Doubles at Hickory Run on Friday June 3rd will be available soon.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  21. eric_dmb

    The People's Championship is only 2 weeks away - here are a few updates concerning the weekend!

    Lunch orders – The Chili Dog will be doing lunch orders both days. Lunches with drink range from 5-7 dollars.

    Player Party – Will be held at South Mt on Saturday evening from 6-8p. CTB will be held to raise $ for Nockamixon improvements

    Raffle – there will be a raffle held before awards on Sunday for a slew of great prizes. They include, DiscGolfMonkey MonkeyTrap basket (red/white/blue), pr of keens, a custom piece of DG artwork by Drake Aschliman, and others. Raffle benefits the future tour events! Every player pack, pro/am will get one chance….more chances can be purchased at $2 each or 3 chances for $5.

    Additional Tour News -

    May 3rd – Pocono X-town Registration opens… mrdiscgolf.com will have the link!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  22. eric_dmb

    The People’s Championship is less then a week away!! Much of the event items are in…making me quite eager to have everyone together and enjoy this event!

    No more AM players will be admitted to play the PC, however, there is still room in ALL OPEN divisions! Open, Masters, Open Women, Grandmasters can still get in and play the PDGA B-Tier event!

    Here’s the schedule of events for the weekend!!!!!

    Friday Nite – 5pm – Random Draw Dubs @ South Mountain

    8-930 – ALL PLAYERS check-in at Jordan Creek. Chilly Dog’s will be taking lunch orders to be delivered to both courses.
    There are extra parking lots across the street for those who can' find spots in the morning at Jordan. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS!!

    945-10 – Player’s Meeting.

    After player meeting…ALL PROS AND ADVANCED MEN(MA1) WILL HEAD TO SOUTH MOUNTAIN for the day. All other amateurs will disburse to their holes at Jordan Creek.

    1015 – 1st rd starts at Jordan Creek

    1030ish – 1st rd starts at South Mountain

    1pm(est) – Lunch

    2pm – Start of 2nd rds.

    6pm – Player party at S. Mountain. Some canned adult beverages 25 pizzas will be coming

    8-9am – check-in & lunch orders

    All ams except MA1 check in at South Mountain

    All pros and MA1 check in at Jordan Creek

    915 – 1st Rd starts

    12(est) – lunch

    1pm – 2nd Rd starts

    4-5pm – Everyone convenes back at Jordan Creek for CTPs

    5pm – Awards & Prizes

    **All times are tentative.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  23. eric_dmb

    We are only 2 days away from the Lehigh Valley's biggest event of the year. The 2 day, PDGA B-Tier, People's Championship!

    There is still room for more players in any of the Open divisions and we are able to accept a few more Advanced (AM1) players as well.

    download the caddy guide early if you intend to get out in the next 2 days for practice rounds - http://mrdiscgolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/PC-Caddie-Guide.pdf - otherwise, we will have them during registration on Saturday morning. Again, ALL players meet at Jordan for players meeting on Saturday morning!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  24. eric_dmb

    First and foremost, the People's Championship weekend was one of the most amazing weekends that i’ve ever been involved with. There are so many people that helped make this weekend successful. Thank You Tim Slough for TDing the South Mt Course, Jeff Lagrassa for your scoring expertise as well as the Spotter/Fisherman on Hole 18 at Jordan Creek. Robin Billig for all your help getting Jordan Creek ready as well as your awesome canopy. And Jason Davis for doing all the coordinating with the Cities and Parks Commissions as well as your help with my locked-in predicament on Friday at the Mountain. Many thanks to all who helped courier the pizza, beverages, helped do check-in, setup, breakdown etc. Thank you all!
    Special thanks to our sponsors, DiscGolfPlanet.tv, Dodo’s Disc Golf Shop, LVDC, Utopia Disc Golf, Innova Disc Golf, Bill and Christy Belanger, Craig Hoch, Paragon Disc Golf, and Bank of America’s Wendy Lewers.
    Course Highlights: Miker Moser shot the Hot Round at Jordan with a 46 and Devin Frederick shot the Hot Round at South Mt with a 44! Great Job Gents!!
    Miraculously, Mother Nature cooperated this weekend despite the weatherman’s forecast. I’m thinking Mother Nature is a MrDiscGolf fan The only serious rain we had was during the post round scoring before the awards ceremony.
    Congrats to all the raffle winners.
    Disc Golf Monkey – Monkey Trap Basket – Larry Entz
    Disc Golf Art by Drake Aschliman – Jason Tiligades
    Pair of Keens – Chris Haring
    MrDiscGolf Stool & AAA Phillies Tix – Chris Haring
    JavaSmart Coffee – Josh Hughes
    USDGC Qualifiers – I’m proud to present to you the region 8 USDGC Qualifiers.
    1 – Devin Frederick – 16287
    2 – Jeff ‘Crawdaddy’ Manatt – 29709
    2 – Nick Tiligades – 24727
    4 – Ben Siffel – 38129
    4 – Zach Anders – 41797
    6 – Bill Charron – 44715
    7 – Darrell Zimmerman – 45165
    7 – Earl Frazier – 24095
    9 – Greg Van Nest – 41132
    9 – Dustin Leatherman – 45395
    Vibram Open Qualifiers – Justin Madore & Nick Tiligades
    Congrats to the 5 Aceholes!!
    1. Ehren Englert – Keen Ace Challenger winner
    2. Patrick Marchand
    3. Devin Frederick
    4. Larry Entz
    5. Darrell Zimmerman
    Congrats to all the winners: Pro – Devin Frederick, Masters – Joe Mela, Grand Masters – Robin Billig, MA1 – Ben Siffel, MA2 – Bill Charron, MA3 – Chuck Moyer, Fw1 – Tracy Gruber, FW2 – Gilda Lane, and FW3 – Wendy Leigh!

    Event Results - http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/67763

    Next upcoming events are the Pocono X-Town On June 4 and X-Town Dubs on June 5.
    Then in July, the 16-17 is Sportsfest at Little Lehigh. The Pros shoot on Saturday, Ams on Sunday!

    Speaking of UPCOMING EVENTS!!!
    Mr. DiscGolf has decided - DUE TO A HIGH DEMAND - to open the Pocono X-Town event to more people! Seeing as we are using 2 courses for this event, we will seperate divisions and play both courses at the same time, giving many more people the opportunity to play the courses where it all started for Mr. DiscGolf. Starting Wednesday May 25th, you can visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com to register for this PDGA C-Tier event if you missed out on the first opportunity!

    Don't forget, the Pocono X-Town is a full weekend of events!
    Friday 6/3 - Hickory Run - Random Draw Doubles - draw at 5:15pm, tee off at 5:30pm
    Saturday 6/4 - HR & F.E. Walter Dam - PDGA C Tier singles event
    Sunday 6/5 - HR & FEW - bring your own partner best shot doubles - VERY LIMITED SPACE REMAINS - visit http://www.mrdiscgolf.com to get in ASAP!

    FINALLY - June 14th will be the opening day of pre-reg for the ALL AMATEUR DIVISIONS for July's Sportsfest at Little Lehigh. Pro divisions will NOT be required to pre-reg, this will be for AM divisions ONLY!

    Posted 9 months ago #
  25. eric_dmb

    Don't forget, the Pocono X-Town is a full weekend of events!

    Friday 6/3 - Hickory Run - Random Draw Doubles - draw at 5:15pm, teeoff at 5:30pm
    Course record was set last year!! -16 by Eric Eichhorst and Nick Tilagades

    Saturday 6/4 - HR & F.E. Walter Dam - PDGA C Tier singles event (1 rd at each course) Registration is 8-930 at Hickory Run....If we need to use both courses, we'll disperse from Hickory Run.

    Sunday 6/5 - HR & FE.Walter Dam - unsanctioned Dubs action - best shot doubles - (1 rd at each course) Registration is 8-930 at Hickory Run....If we need to use both courses, we'll disperse from Hickory Run.

    Tons of MrDiscGolf Schwag for sale: Shirts, DriFits, Visors, Hats,and now, SOX!!!
    Basket Raffle on Saturday for a Innova Discatcher Traveller to benefit EDGE.
    Bring an extra pair of footware for the FE Walter Dam. It is swampy in some spots.
    Lunch - plenty of places to stop at between courses!

    Posted 9 months ago #
  26. eric_dmb

    The TD Report from the Pocono Crosstown was submitted to the PDGA a week ago, so the ratings will be included in the next update.
    Full Pocono Weekend results can be found -
    Singles - http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/68550
    Doubles - https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?hl=en_US&key=tLOy9WliGYTNVNoiNcun5Ww&authkey=CMWqtagP#gid=0
    The next Mr.DiscGolf event on the 2011 tour is Sportsfest being held at Little Lehigh Parkway in Allentown, PA.
    July 16 – Sportsfest Pro – 8-945 registration 10am tee off field limit 72
    July 17 – Sportsfest Am – 8-945 registration 10am tee off field limit 90
    Amateur ONLY registration for Sportsfest opens at http://www.mrdiscgolf.com/store on June 15th! Pro players will not have to pre-register for this event.
    PLEASE NOTE - The Jersey Jam is taking place the same weekend as Sportsfest. We have teamed up with the JJ to ensure everyone can play both events! Am players are playing Saturday 7/16 with pro players playing on 7/17 at Rutgers. This will allow all divisions to play both days if they desire.

    August 7th – Pocono Am Classic – limited to 76 people – Registration opens July 6th $30 for all divisions

    Posted 9 months ago #
  27. eric_dmb

    PLEASE NOTE: Check in time change!!
    Registration will take place from 7:30am-8:45am
    Teeoff 9:00am due to Sportsfest 5k races in the area.
    This applies to PROs on Saturday and AMs on Sunday.

    Also, keep you eyes peeled for more Mr. DiscGolf socks in NEW colors!

    Posted 8 months ago #
  28. rayaz

    Has the course changed from last year? I heard it might be redesigned in time for Sportsfest.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  29. j_davisc

    Nope, it will be the same as last year.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  30. eric_dmb

    Sportsfest is just 2 weeks away!!!!

    Pro's play on July 16. Registration is from 730a-845a. Tee off is 9am. $40
    for all pro divisions. Minimum 4 people for a division.

    Am's play on July 17. Registration/check-in is from 730a-845a. Tee off is
    9am. $30 for Advanced divisions, $25 for all others.
    The field is currently full, but there is a waitlist.


    Pocono Amateur Classic – a PDGA C-tier is set for August 7th with 2 rds at
    Hickory Run.
    There will be NO PAYOUT at the PAC. All entrants will receive a player pack and
    lunch valued at more then $40 dollars. Top 3 players in each division will
    receive trophies!

    Registration will open July 6, 2011 @ http://www.mrdiscgolf.com/store/


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