Course Maintenance

The Lehigh Valley Disc Club doesn’t just run a few tournaments every year; we are deeply involved with the upkeep and maintenance of our courses. Over the years, our hard-work and dedication has paid off. In 2005, the PDGA World Championships were played in the Lehigh Valley at Jordan Creek, Little Lehigh Parkway, Nockamixon, and Tinicum. SInce then, we have continued to care for our courses and make sure that they remain world class.

We are lucky because our members constitute a group of motivated, dedicated, and passionate individuals. Throughout the year we host various work days where we perform a variety of tasks that ensure our courses are pristine. As these work days are scheduled, they will be posted on this page as well as the events page. We ask that if you find yourself playing one of the many courses in the Lehigh Valley, you treat it with respect. Remember to remove your litter from the course and try to leave knowing that the course is better for having you visit.

As disc golf grows into the mainstream, we want to make sure that we are viewed not only as dedicated players, but also as stewards of our course and our environment. In the LVDC, we do not cut down extraneous trees for convenience  We find  the best fairways with minimal environmental impact. We also make sure to provide players with adequate trash cans for litter. In our minds is the knowledge that these courses, while built by the hard-work of our membership, are gifts that need to be preserved and respected.

Please check back to this page or our events page to locate our next workday. These days are always a good time. Sometimes we’ll shoot a round beforehand and sometimes we’ll just hang out for awhile and talk. Try to put into the course a fraction of the time you spend playing it.