Hurricane Sandy

As everyone knows, this past weekend’s hurricane ripped through the Lehigh Valley uprooting trees, taking down power, and leaving many of us in the dark. Before we even begin to talk about disc golf, we want to say first and foremost that we hope everyone made it through the storm safely. We aren’t just members of a club; we are friends and we hope everyone is safe.

About our courses…The hurricane had its way with all of them. Some aren’t beat up too badly, but others have extensive damage. Luckily, the members of the LVDC stood up on the morning after the hurricane. While the tail end of Sandy was still whipping through the valley, some of our dedicated and slightly unhinged (we kid) members went out to document the damage done to our courses.

Tinicum had various trees falling on fairways and blocking paths. Large trees (that’s an understatement) fell at Nocki. South Mountain had a good amount of trees down, but they fell mostly between tee pads making our walks a bit exotic. Little Lehigh Parkway…that’s the city so even if we can asses the damage it’s out of our hands, but we’ll try to organize something. By far, it seems that Jordan took the biggest pounding. Hole 12’s basket was crushed. Many fairways were blocked off by the abundance of fallen trees. To the delight and dismay of some, the tree on hole 4 fell. I don’t even need to specify which tree. Just close your eyes, think of hole 4, and when you start cursing about that tree you’ll know which one.

The cleanup has already begun. Volunteers headed out to the courses in the past few days to clear some of the damage. Jordan is being taken care of and plans for South Mountain are in the works. With time and patience, the LVDC courses will be returned to what they were.

We want to thank anyone and everyone who came out to lend a hand. The response has been amazing and it goes to show what a group of likeminded and dedicated individuals can do. The cleanup is still going on so make sure to check back here as more workdays are announced. Many of these have been impromptu so check the Facebook Page because that is where cleanups will be announced first. Thanks again to everyone and we hope to see you out there fixing up the courses.

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